Philosophy of gastronomy


In the gastronomy of the Hotel Lodge Landhaus, we rely on regional sources and the Nose to Tail principle. Already an intelligent compilation of the menu promotes the avoidance of leftovers. This means that guests are included in the environmentally friendly and health-conscious philosophy right from the start. Hotel in Pucon wants to find a way out of the throwaway culture that is often ingrained in the hotel industry.


Pucon and its surroundings- Landhaus


Those who set off for Caburga will drive past green meadows, cow pastures and farms for about the last quarter of an hour. A sustainable way of life has always prevailed in the region. This extends to all areas of life - from nutrition to housing.

Natural gastronomy in Landhaus Pucon

The cuisine at Lodge Landhaus is based on the ideology that products must be as natural, sustainable and compatible as possible. The ingredients are sourced locally as far as possible. In order to ensure the supply of regional fruit and vegetables, we rely on preserving and preserving. As a result, we have seasonal delicacies "in stock" all year round. In our kitchen, waste production is reduced to a minimum every day.